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May 2022 Workshop

NEXTLab's workshop has returned with much welcome, as it had been canceled previously due to COVID19. This was our first workshop since January 2019, and so we were more excited than usual.The workshop destination was Ganghwa-Do(Ganghwa Island)~~~NEXTLab had grown very much in two years, so we rented a bus for the first time and it made me realize that we have truly expanded.(Let's give an applause to all the NEXTLab staff that have worked hard!)Since everybody had been waiting for this workshop, I decided to take out the work schedule from the itinerary and replace it with only refreshing ones.After we arrived at Ganghwa-Do and had lunch, the first activity on our itinerary was!“Luge!”  After enjoying the gondola ride up the mountain, the view was spectacular!We enjoyed the Luge even more thanks to the beautiful nature surrounding the tracks, and we were able to put our worries behind. After the exciting Luge ride, we returned to the lodge.Then, everyone had some free time. Some of us enjoyed football, while others took a walk at the sandy beach.Delicious barbecue party was prepared for dinner. Barbecue is the menu for Korean camping and trips!  The following program on our itinerary was fun recreation time!Everyone ate and drank to their heart's content, so the recreation started later than I had planned. Wow, I didn't expect everyone to participate so enthusiastically! Maybe everyone missed the recreation time because of COVID19...?(Everyone had such a great time, that when everything ended, it was 11 p.m. :D )I'd like to give a big hand to Joonhan Kim, "The Little Mermaid," who was voted as MVP today!  The next day, after a very lively night, we had tasty crab soup for lunch.  Then, we visited "Geum Pung Brewery," which boasts a history of 100 years.I reserved the brewery tour program beforehand, and they were prepared for us. As soon as we arrived at the brewery, we began the tour by taking a few pictures outside the brewery building. (There was a reason for this...)Before the tour started for real, we sat down and had a tasting session of the Korean traditional soju, Makgeolli, while listening to the detailed history of the brewery and Makgeolli.  (This is not just a tasting session... I might get drunk!)The brewery gave us many kinds of Makgeolli, which had various tastes. Through the interesting brewery tour, everyone was able to receive good energy from the old history and tradition of 100 years.  The staff at Geum Pung Brewery gave us many gifts(lots of Makgeolli, cold storage bags, and many photos with pretty frames).After we finished the tour and returned to the room where we had the tasting session, they gave us pictures with pretty frames that had been taken at the beginning of the tour.They also made "Ginseng Makgeolli Latte" on the spot for us, and it even had a logo of NEXTLab printed on the top!I was really moved by Geum Pung Brewery's generosity! The taste impressed me too! I never knew that a brewery tour could be so touching!   Aside from the various gifts, the tour was very educative and meaningful too.If you are in charge of planning for a workshop, I recommend "Geum Pung Brewery" from the bottom of my heart!!  All NEXTLabbers had such a fun time until we returned to Seoul!I hope we utilize the energy we gained and achieve greater results, so that we could take a plane to our next workshop!


AI-based Highway Drone Control Automation Presentation Success (Solder Co., Ltd)

  Source : AI Times ( : Changguen Lee), which is a company that specializes in AI Vision technology, and Solder(CEO : Hakjin Kim), a company that specializes in drone control and manufacturing, held a joint presentation on AI-based highway drone control automation technology on Dec. 16th, 2021. It was successfully held in Cheonan resting area while many officials from Korea Expressway Corporation, relevant companies, and the military attended and watched. Furthermore, based on this presentation, the two companies announced on Dec 22nd, 2021 that they signed “AI-based drone highway control automation technology research business agreement” to cooperate in highway drone control automation project in the future.AI-based drone highway control automation technology uses drones that perform highway control tasks with real-time AI video analysis, and automatically monitors lane-violating vehicles and automatically files reports on them.To materialize this highway control automation technology, NEXTLab applied its self-developed latest deep-learning based Lane Detection technology, Vehicle Detection technology, Vehicle Type Detection technology, and License Plate Recognition technology. The drone models used were SD810, developed in-house by Solder for highway monitoring, where you can put standard DSLR cameras and are evaluated as having excellent stable flight quality fit for recording high-resolution videos.CEO of Solder, Hakjin Kim, stated, “Thanks to the business agreement with NEXTLab, we can implement AI-based drone highway control automation technology and increase the efficiency of drone control tasks because before this technology, 2 people each had to control a drone and a camera, but now 1 person can control drones effectively. Moreover, we expect to deliver products and solutions that help spread new values and overcome the conventional paradigm in the vehicle/pedestrian control market by combining drone and AI technology.” NEXTLab’s CEO, Changguen Lee, stated, “Since our foundation, we continued to build our competence in network and media, smart factory, and vehicle control market for many years with the consistent theme of AI Vision technology. As a result, we are excited to introduce new technology, different from that of other companies, to the market by presenting a demo and signing a technology research business agreement with Solder. We will continue to invest in technology research and development, and cooperate closely with great partner companies like Solder to provide highly credible and stable solutions that the market needs.”


NEXTLab Co., Ltd - Signs netMeter Sales Agent Contract with DQSI Co.,Ltd

NEXTLab Co., Ltd - signs netMeter sales agent contract with DQSI Co., Ltd!  NEXTLab Co., Ltd - signs netMeter sales agent contract with DQSI Co., Ltd!Our netMeter is currently delivered to Korean mobile operators, and is recognized for its wide range of functions and its applicability. To further increase our netMeter sales, NEXTLab Co., Ltd signed netMeter sales agent contract with DQSI Co., Ltd.DQSI Co., Ltd has proven its sales power in various fields both online and offline by becoming exclusive sales agent of many Korean and foreign products. Its management team has a lot of experience in the broadcasting and communications industry.Through this sales agency contract we hope to meet more customers and deliver our great products to them.


NEXTLab Attends Smart Factory + Automation World 2021

   NEXTLab attended Smart Factory + Automation World 2021(SFAW for short), which is the biggest smart factory and factory automation exhibition in Korea. It was held from 9.8.2021 to 9.10.2021, for a total of two nights and three days.   Due to Covid19, the exhibit had been put off from last year and we were a bit concerned about attending it, but it turned out that we didn’t have to worry much since many people with diverse needs visited our booth, leading to successful results.  We introduced two products - Beyond X-Ray and WideNET Camera, at this SFAW exhibition.  Beyond X-Ray is an equipment that can detect foreign objects bigger than 0.5mm in a second by connecting X-Ray devices regardless of their models. There is already a case where it was implemented in Vietnamese and Indonesian sewing factories and enabled easier and more precise foreign object detection which had been done by human eyes before. Next, WideNET Camera is a solution that uses one device to film a wide area then collects refined data based on AI-based self-analysis system.  It can be applied to various fields such as production rate measurement, abnormal behavior monitoring, and space monitoring.  We will be more than happy to consult you if you contact us via email for additional products and solutions.We are also planning to attend SFAW 2022 exhibition next year, and we shall work hard to present you with better technology and improved products!  :) 


netMeter POC in Indonesia [NEXTLab – Telkom Indonesia]

 Do you remember our “netMeter,” which we introduced to you last time? Now it’s expanding to overseas market! Currently, it is delivered to Korean wired network service providers and measures network quality on-site and verifies connection disruption area when network service providers first set up internet and IPTV connection at their customers’ homes or when they provide AS to customers.   NEXTLab’s netMeter completed POC with Indonesia’s biggest network service provider company, Telkom Indonesia!Applause, please!  **clap clap clap**Telkom Indonesia is a BUMN(state holding company), and it is the largest wired and wireless network service provider company in Indonesia, similar to KT of Korea. Its full name is “PT Telkomunikasi Indonesia,” and it is currently running various businesses related to communications environment.Also, it owns a leased line in Indonesia and maintains a high market share in both wired communications sector(telephone/internet) and wireless communications.  With this POC, NEXTLab’s netMeter’s commercial value potential was recognized not only in Korea but also overseas!Local POC enabled internet speed measurement used in Korea and all options of IPTV and VOD quality measurement. Furthermore, by customizing user environment and measurement methods adjusted to Indonesian local communications market, we will discuss local introduction soon. We shall look forward to seeing NEXTLab’s netMeter in Indonesia!


2nd Workshop in 2021 and Moving Party

NEXTLab holds a company workshop every quarter and employees share their key performances, OKR, and future plans. This time, it was a bit more special, because our headquarter office had expanded and moved, so it was our first workshop in the new office.  NEXTLab’s new address is 12th Floor, HS TOWER, 703 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.   The overall size of our office has expanded and now we have **2** meeting rooms, and even a massage chair in the staff lounge~!! (Yay~!) Our employees’ satisfaction has also increased because of the bigger office and pleasant work environment, and we hope to achieve even bigger goals in the future.We hope you continue to be interested in NEXTLab, as we are growing constantly!!Since this workshop was held in a more spacious meeting room compared to before the move, we were able to have group discussion sessions and share heartfelt opinions of all employees.  Next, we had meeting room name awards.Now that we have moved and own 2 wide meeting rooms, we held a naming contest to give names to them.  We collected all name candidates for the meeting rooms, then everyone voted to choose the best name. The first prize is…Du-doong Sil & Deo-deong Sil which Seyong Lee, our Solution Development Team Leader, suggested!! Honestly, don’t you think these names are soooo cute~??? NEXTLab’s new office is located on the 12th floor and takes pride in an amazing view, so whenever we hold meetings, it feels as if we are having them above the clouds. The names Du-doong Sil & Deo-deong Sil were chosen in the hopes that we can have happy meetings as if we are dancing in the sky. (Du-doong Sil & Deo-deong Sil are mimetic words that illustrate dancing in Korean) We hope to enjoy our meetings in Du-doong Sil! & Deo-deong Sil! mood and wish for good news that will make us dance~!For the next program, we had recreation time.We had lots of fun recreation programs prepared for this event!This time, we held Masked Singer Contest! It was so fun because many employees participated very enthusiastically, and I didn’t know that there were so many talented singers in our company! <<Although the contest participants were all anonymous, I think they’re THE BEST!!>> There were many good singers, but the 1st prize went to!!!“Wreath Man” who sang “Unlimited Orbit” with relentless dance! I guess his passionate moves won the hearts of many NEXTLabbers and got him many votes.NEXTLab’s workshop, where we share our performance, have group discussions on how to improve our company, and have exciting recreation programs, will continue every quarter. Keep your heads up for our next workshop!


2021 New Year's WorkShop

Nextrap left the New Year's workshop every year for unity. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, this workshop will be held in-house simply using working hours. The first order was 2020 sales and 2021 promotion announcement. In 2020, all the Nexstrap employees worked hard and increased sales by 62% compared to 2019!! ????The average 3-year growth rate is about 19%, which is a very solid and steady growth Nextrap.I'd like to give a round of applause to all the people who worked hard! It's the best! NexStrap has been working hard to "provide solutions that enable customers to focus on what's worthwhile." In 2021, I'm going to make a fresh start with a new slogan.Nextrap's 2021 slogan is "Finding and focusing on strategic markets."Please look forward to seeing Nextstrap, which will grow greatly through challenges and innovations into a bigger market.Next up was the 2020 NEXTLabber Award.Every year, we vote for the person who matches the talent of Nextstrap and has given us good influence.The gifts are iPad, MacBook, and iPhone Promax (choose one). Isn't the gift very big?You've told me a lot that it's hard for everyone to vote for one person, but...The main character who was chosen through a huge competition rate is...The pillar of Nextstrap, Lee Se-yong,New rising star of Nextstrap, "Mr. Cho Woo-jin," has been selected.Congratulations to both of you!!!I look forward to seeing you become a better and an inspiration to our company's Although we had a short workshop, It was a meaningful time to organize 2020 and unite to start anew in 2021. 


Checking objective network quality

 NextLab has developed a portable network quality instrument.  A portable network quality measuring instrument is a device used to measure users' Internet quality.Internet service providers install new Internet lines at home or use them to conduct A/S due to quality problems.   Would you believe that such a pretty and small machine is a network quality instrument? ????This device not only evaluates the quality of the Internet, but also provides clues to identify and improve the cause of the network and other problems.Also, the cost is very reasonable and easy to manage, making it easy to evaluate the quality of the Internet anywhere.Currently, the performance deviation of each measuring device or region is very large about the quality of the Internet, so it was enough to refer to the measurement results.With the development of this portable network quality measuring instrument, we are looking forward to establishing objective indicators of Internet quality.    NextLab Youtube :


Introduced NEXTLab in Bobbin Journal

NEXTLab has innovative technologies in Smart Factory for deep learning-based foreign object detection equipment (Beyond X-Ray), camera image-based production monitoring and work behavior analysis, and integrated MES platform.These innovative NEXTLab technologies were introduced in the November 2020 issue of the monthly sewing technology magazine.<Cover of Monthly Sewing Technology Magazine>  Monthly sewing technology magazine introduces NEXTLab's Smart Factory technology to improve quality according to foreign object detection accuracy, reduce customer complaints, and maximize work efficiency according to camera image-based production measurement.  <NEXTLab's article featured in Bobbin Journal>  I'm so happy and excited that we were introduced in Monthly Sewing Technology, the biggest specialty in the sewing industry, and I'll continue to work on developing upgraded technologies, looking forward to the interests of the sewing industry! 


Introduce a STB Multimeter

NEXTLab will introduce STB Multimeter!The clean and compact set-top box is small in appearance but can use all the functions used in the existing STB Station Single equipment the same.In addition, LCD monitors for touch are installed, allowing immediate testing and monitoring without any additional monitor connection.The first STB Multimeter customer is Abies, Inc.Previously, they recorded STB's screen manually and analyzed it one by one.They say that their work satisfaction has increased greatly through the automation of tests.Also, many people said that existing equipment is difficult to carry around.It has been upgraded to a compact size, making it easier to carry.We are pleased to realize "provide a solution that allows customers to focus on more valuable things" such as a NEXTLab's goals.


2020 New Year's Workshop

NEXTLab went to the New Year's workshop in 2020. We spent three days together from Jan. 9-11, 2020.The workshop of NEXTLab employees, who are good at work but also play well, was like a festival.We took a commemorative photograph.We had the time to announce the results of 2019 and to announce who was promoted, and to announce "the most proud project" by team.Congratulations on your promotion!Also, Ji-woong was voted select the most popular people in NEXTLab.We had a time to play games in the evening.On the next day of the workshop, the event was divided into ski team and trout fishing team.We were able to participate actively and successfully finish the workshop.I hope many wonderful things will happen to NEXTLab in 2020.


Interview, 'Prepare Your Customers Next with Innovative Business Automation Solution Technology'

We've already been pleased to announce that NEXTLab has been selected as a "Business Innovation Incentive System" to a"Excellent Corporate Innovation Enterprise" (SS grade).This system was organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and operated by the Korea Labor Development Foundation.It was established from 2019 to create a balanced employment environment between work and life.<Photo: Employment and Labor Minister hands out a letter of choice to NEXTLab CEO Chang-Geun Lee>(Photograph by Jeong I-re, a reporter for 'Monthly People')The Minister of Employment and Labor personally presented the selected company representatives with generous congratulations and encouragement.The selection of the best company also gives you a great opportunity to talk to the 'Monthly People' who was preparing for theJanuary 2020 issue of the Ministry of Employment and Labor. <Photo: NEXTLab CEO Chang-Geun Lee>(Photograph by Jeong I-re, a reporter for 'Monthly People')First, vision and pursuit of value.Second, corporate growth process and main businessThird, future goals and aspirationsThrough these three interviews, you will be able to revisit where you are and where you are headed.You can find it on the official website and blog of 'Monthly People( URL with the full text of the interview is shown below.Monthly People Official Website InterviewMonthly People Official Blog Interview <Photo: NEXTLab CEO Chang-Geun Lee>(Photograph by Jeong I-re, a reporter for 'Monthly People')