A company specializing in automation technology that combines deep learning and image processing technologies


We are

NEXTLab innovates broadcasting communication instrumentation and smart factory inspection market based on
its AI and integrated image processing technology.

Through our continuous R&D, we provide new paradigm of measurement solutions beyond the limits of existing measurement/inspection paradigms and distinguish ourselves from others with intuitive user experience which
provides decision insights, and not just simple data, to enable customers to focus more on their core performance.

We secured Beyond AI, NEXTLab’s proprietary AI platform which specializes in image processing, through our performance
in various projects on AI and image processing since our incorporation. In addition, we have secured network and IPTV quality instrumentation technology and X-Ray based inspection technology with our own capabilities to create a sustainable growth engine.

In order to present measurement solutions that will blow the minds of our customers, NEXTLab will always start from
the needs of our customers and the site.

We dream

NEXTLab intends to create a society where healthy thinking and challenges succeed and to disseminate the benefits of
technologies to all societies.

We wish to continuously present measurement instruments loved by our clients and provide them with an environment
where they can break away from simple repetitive works and concentrate on core tasks.

It will not be an easy task, but we are in the middle of building a company where engineers, who gladly joined us to take up
the challenge, are receiving sufficient rewards and by sharing our experience, we wish to create a world where more talents
will be attracted to engineering startups.

We are organized

NEXTLab conducts businesses in three markets.

Network& IPTV

Network quality measurement, IPTV/STB quality measurement,
and supply of measurement instruments and solutions
specializing in automated tests.


Extraction of quantitative information from atypical data, supply of AI+Vision-based inspection equipment and solutions specializing in foreign substance inspections.


Supply of integrated AI+Vision technology-based vehicle recognition solutions. (damage, vehicle model, license plate)


Changguen Lee


Sungmin Kim


Youngsu Park

CTO / Leader of
System Development

Seyong Lee

Engineer in Chief

Youngju Yun

Leader of
Service Development

Jiwoong Lee

Leader of
Product Planning

Eunbi Jeon

Leader of
Management Support


Integrated AI and video processing technology

  • Smart device UX quality evaluation and UI
    automation test technology
  • AI-based real-time video processing and analysis technology
  • AI-based image/video expansion technology (Super Resolution)
  • AI-based 2D to 3D conversion technology

Data synchronization collection technology

  • Collection of data synchronization in heterogeneous systems

Data-based insights

  • Business Intelligence-based data visualization technology
  • Generalized visualization of complex data and integrated time series visualization technology for heterogeneous data

Member of Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA)

Member of Korea Artificial Intelligence Association (KAIA)







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