Pay TV Service Quality Measurement
IPTV/OTT Software QA Automation

Measure pay TV service quality of experience of your subscribers,
and automate your IPTV/OTT software QA process before deployment.

Network Speed Measurement
IPTV/Set-top Box Performance Test

Measure network speed on-site and improve the field engineers’ work
of installing the internet or doing maintenance.

Automotive License Plate Recognition
Traffic Compliance System

Automatically recognize vehicles’ license plates and pedestrians
to gather traffic data and utilize them to ensure traffic safety.



STB Multimeter

Automates set-top box software QA process,
acceptance tests, and monitors
service’s quality of experience.



Handheld Device for Broadband,
PayTV Installation & Maintenance

  • STB Multimeter
  • netMeter

STB Multimeter

The All-in-One PayTV Service Tester


Handheld Device for Broadband, PayTV Installation & Maintenance



Supply of integrated AI+Vision technology-based
vehicle recognition solutions
(damage, vehicle model, license plate)

  • Beyond ALPR

Beyond ALPR

Vehicle appearance recognition service
(vehicle model, damage, license plate) solution



Extraction of quantitative information from atypical
data, supply of AI+Vision-based inspection
equipment and solutions specializing in foreign
substance inspections



Extraction of quantitative information from atypical
data, supply of AI+Vision-based inspection
equipment and solutions specializing in foreign
substance inspections



Extraction of quantitative information from atypical
data, supply of AI+Vision-based inspection
equipment and solutions specializing in foreign
substance inspections

  • Beyond X-Ray
  • WideNET Camera
  • VPOS

Beyond X-Ray

Deep learning-based abnormal materials detection product

WideNET Camera

Camera-based production/waste monitoring product


Video-based Productivity Optimization Solution

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NEXTLab Selected for the 2023 Hi-Seoul Certification

2023.11.14In 2023, NEXTLab has been selected for the Hi-Seoul Certification. The Hi-Seoul Certification program is designed for companies operating in Seoul and is a recognition initiative by the city of Seoul for outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To be selected as a certified enterprise, companies must undergo a rigorous evaluation process. The criteria include robust performance in terms of growth, profitability, safety, and productivity, along with excellent technological quality. Quantitative and qualitative assessments related to factors such as job creation, overseas expansion, and technological innovation are also considered.NEXTLab successfully met these criteria and has been chosen as the Hi-Seoul Certified Company of the year. This achievement is not only a result of the efforts of the management but also the dedication and hard work of NEXTLab's team members. To mark the recognition, Yun Youngju, Team Leader, and Dr. Park Youngsoo attended the award ceremony on November 14th.Being selected for the Hi-Seoul Certification brings various benefits, including support for global expansion and B2B services. NEXTLab will leverage these support mechanisms as a stepping stone for continued growth. We appreciate your continued interest in our journey.  

NEXTLab's Debut at Network X Exhibition in Paris

2023.10.24 From November 24th to 26th, 2023, NEXTLab took part in the Network X exhibition held in Paris, France. CEO Kim Sungmin and Manager Choi Jinyoung seized the opportunity to introduce NEXTLab at Network X. Network X is a significant exhibition where major telecommunication operators and related businesses gather for networking purposes. With diverse conference sessions and workshops, the event provides a platform to share and receive the latest trends and technological updates. Given the participation of key industry leaders and numerous vendors, it was a crucial exhibition for networking. Various companies providing services in different sectors, such as Pulme, Viavi, and ZTE, were all present in one place at Network X. The ability to meet companies offering services beyond service providers(operators) is a key attraction of Network X. Meetings with various vendors provided a valuable opportunity to share services and insights. NEXTLab had a booth at the Broadband Forum Pavilion, where they introduced NEXTLab netMeter. As it was the first time NEXTLab netMeter was unveiled in the European market, there was a mix of excitement and anticipation. NEXTLab netMeter is currently one of the most widely used network quality measurement devices in South Korea. Beyond measuring internet speed and diagnosing connectivity issues, it provides optimal operational guidelines. Overcoming the challenges of existing internet speed measurement devices, which were difficult for individuals to interpret and had high price barriers, NEXTLab netMeter not only interprets measurement values but also offers operational guidelines. The product received a very positive response in the European market, particularly for its compact size, intuitive guidelines, and competitive pricing. To align with the networking theme of Network X, the team attended an evening networking party with beverages and finger foods. This provided a more relaxed environment for conversations with telecom professionals from around the world, focusing on market perspectives and shared enthusiasm for the industry. It was an opportunity to share insights, generate fresh ideas, and exchange contacts, emphasizing the networking aspect. Thanks to Network X, there is now increased curiosity about the European market. Reflecting on the differences between the European and Korean markets, the team concluded the successful business trip to France. NEXTLab remains committed to ongoing efforts to expand its business into the European market.  

NEXTLab at Better Software Testing Conference 2023 (BeSTCon2023)

2023.10.31   NEXTLab participated in the Better Software Testing Conference 2023 (BeSTCon2023) held on October 31, 2023, at COEX Grand Ballroom. BeSTCon is the largest software testing conference in South Korea, serving as a platform for professionals and experts in the field to share insights. This year's focus was on software testing and artificial intelligence in the context of ensuring safety, marking the 9th International Quality Testing Conference.  As a member of the Korean Software Testing Association, NEXTLab had a booth at the conference, promoting its flagship product, NEXTLab Evo. The event provided an excellent opportunity for engagement with various industry stakeholders, including software test managers, engineers, QA managers, telecommunication and broadcasting companies, and IT enterprises.  Mr. Kim Sungmin, the CEO of NEXTLab, delivered a presentation on the theme "How will UI test automation evolve with Generative AI?" during the conference. In his presentation, Mr. Kim discussed the current limitations and trends in AI-based test automation systems, emphasizing the potential of Generative AI. The presentation delved into topics such as script creation, test scenario automation, and Generative AI-based UI object extraction and image mapping. Mr. Kim also introduced a new framework considering the integration of Generative AI.For those interested, the full presentation by CEO Kim can be found on our [YouTube channel]. NEXTLab remains committed to contributing innovative software testing solutions to the industry.

NEXTLab Showcases New Product at IBC2023 Exhibition in Amsterdam

2023.09.15September, NEXTLab participated in the IBC2023 exhibition held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. IBC is recognized as one of the most prestigious international broadcasting and telecommunication expos, attracting influential industry players to share cutting-edge technologies. NEXTLab was part of the Korean Pavilion at the event. CEO, Mr. Kim Sungmin, along with Senior Researcher Mr. Jo Woojin and Manager Ms. Choi Jinyoung, showcased the latest product, NEXTLab Evo. As an AI-based QA Test Assistant for video service providers, NEXTLab Evo simplifies workflows for QA testers. The product stands out by adopting a block-based approach (automatically generated by pressing a remote button), replacing the conventional script-writing method. Additionally, it analyzes and visualizes big data collected during tests, allowing quick issue identification on the results page.We received meaningful feedback across various industries, particularly regarding powerful features like Macro Blocks and NEXTLab's Intelligent Monkey Test. The user-friendly design was well-received, enhancing overall usability. The product's compatibility with lightweight and user-friendly devices emerged as a significant advantage.    <Rafael and Mr.Kim>

June 2023 Workshop

2023.6.12All NEXTLabbers attended the workshop from June 1st to 2nd, to revitalize morale and assess performance during the first half of 2023.NEXTLab employees had lunch just before arriving at the workshop venue, and visited a sheep ranch at Hongcheon, Gangwon-do as the first leg of the trip. After dinner followed a recreation session at the hotel, concluding the first day. For the second day, after checking out from the hotel, everyone went to a strawberry farm and picked strawberries. The last event of the trip was the tech summit, where many teams shared their work and vision for the remaining half of 2023.The workshop began at 10 o’clock, June 1st. All 28 staff members at NEXTLab gathered at Gangnam-gu office station, Line 7, and got on the bus that took them to Gangwon-do. Since the bus driver drove well, we arrived a little earlier at the restaurant than planned. The lunch menu was a choice between raw meat noodles and sesame noodles, with potato pancakes and steamed pork provided at each table. Everything was so delicious! After lunch, everyone checked into the hotel at Hongcheon, Vivaldi Park and had a brief break before going to the sheep ranch there.<Sheep Ranch>Because the sheep ranch was located on top of a mountain, we had to take a gondola there. Up to 5 people could get on each gondola, and for safety, there were precautions not to stand up while the gondola was operating. One look out the window made me understand why the safety precautions existed, as the slope below was very steep.  However, the rugged slopes didn't dampen expectations for the sheep ranch experience, as many NEXTLabbers were smiling during the gondola ride. Upon arriving at the ranch, there were so many cute sheep and goats there, waiting for us! The food bucket for the sheep was affordable, and cost only 1,000 won. Even if you didn’t want to buy the food bucket, there was grass nearby, and all you had to do was pick some up to feed the sheep. It was fun watching the sheep gather when a person approached them with grass! After spending good quality time with the cute sheep, NEXTLab employees took a group photo before leaving the ranch for dinner.The dinner menu was pork barbecue, followed by chicken ribs and grilled deodeok roots. Deodeok is a type of mountain herb whose roots are edible. Grilled deodeok tastes good, and I recommend them to any foreigner that visits Korea.The evening air was cool. So, many NEXTLabbers took a walk near the restaurant after dinner. Some people played rock, paper, scissors, and the loser bought ice cream at the convenience store next door. Then, everyone got back on the bus to return to the hotel for the recreation.<Recreation> Among the many enjoyable games during the recreation session, one of them was familiar since we played it last year. The game is called ‘Speak with your body.’ The players must describe a keyword with their body, without making any sounds. Feel free to guess what our research engineer, Junhan Kim, is trying to explain in the 2nd picture!The game in the 3rd picture is called ‘Guess the odd one.’ Each team member receives a drink, and only 1 person’s drink is different compared to other members’ drinks. For example, the team in the picture drank water, but only 1 person had very salty water in his/her glass, and the opposing team had to guess who that was. Everyone showed rich facial expressions and pretended to be the one drinking salty water, so this game was entertaining!The 1st prize for the winning team was a wireless vacuum cleaner, provided by the CEO, Sungmin Kim. Other prizes included cultural gift certificates worth 20,000 won.After the recreation session, all employees enjoyed personal time, free to do whatever they wanted. Some people remained in the room to drink and chat, while others played board games. I joined the intern, Suhyeon Kim, in a singing room and sang a few songs before going to bed. Everyone was so good at singing, to the extent that I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly decided to become singers one day!<Strawberry Farm>The first schedule on the itinerary for the 2nd day was strawberry picking. The name of the strawberry farm was ‘Sealing Berry.’ Besides managing the farm, the owners directly sell strawberries to customers, and organize strawberry picking events for visitors.Their strawberry quality was great, with the large size and red color. The strawberries were so delicious, and the owners also gave us strawberry jam, toast, and even some strawberry latte to taste! It was great drinking strawberry latte in summer, fresh from the farm, since strawberry is a seasonal fruit for spring and many cafes usually advertise strawberry beverages then. Also, strawberry picking was interesting because the berries are typically grown in greenhouses and can't be seen from the car while driving in the countryside. Plus, the farm was much bigger than what I had expected, so it amazed me.Before NEXTLab staff began to pick strawberries, the farm owner explained how to identify which strawberries were ripe and good to pick, how to pick them well, and how to maximize their freshness after taking them home. Everyone listened carefully and considered all the tips while they picked strawberries. As a result, everybody managed to pick a large amount of strawberries and take them home.   Here’s a photo of NEXTLab’s IAS team! On the left, research engineer Dongsun An is holding a strawberry in his hand. It looks as if he’s advertising the strawberry farm! What a handsome model! On the right, our CEO, Changgeun Lee, has just finished picking his share of strawberries and is presenting them with a sweet smile.<Tech Summit>To wrap up the workshop, the ‘Tech Summit’, which was the most important event during the trip, waited NEXTLabbers. It took place in a presentation hall at the strawberry farm, which was beautifully decorated. I hope the cute interior design helped lower the presenters’ nervousness.The order of the Tech Summit presentations was as follows: 1. IAS Team : Latest Trends in Technology Regarding ChatGPT and NEXTLab’s Solution Utilizing ChatGPT Presenter : Changgeun Lee, CEO2. Sales Team : Latest Trends in the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Industry and NEXTLab’s Role Presenter : Jaehyun Park, Head of Sales3. Business Management Team : Latest Trends in Test Automation Presenter : Jaehyung Ahn, Assistant Manager4. Research and Development Team : Improving Testing Capabilities - Web Streaming, Image Storage Format, Macroblock Servers Presenter : Woojin Jo, Senior Research Engineer5. Solution Development Team : Setting Up the Live Service Monitoring System and Cost-saving Tips Using Self-developed Sentry SystemPresenter : Seyong Lee, Team Leader6. Hardware Development Team : STB Multimeter’s History and Future Roadmap for Development Presenter : Seonjoon Park, Team Leader7. IMT Business Development : QaaS(QA-as-a-Service) and MaaS(Measurement-as-a-Service) Launching Plans Based on Client FeedbackPresenter : Sungmin Kim, CEO The Tech Summit started with NEXTLab's CEO, Changgeun Lee, representing the IAS team. IAS stands for ‘Intelligent Automation Service,’ and their key solutions are automatic vehicle license plate recognition and traffic regulation compliance. This time, as ChatGPT rose as the hot potato in the AI and machine learning field, Mr. Lee introduced the latest trends in using ChatGPT. In addition, he also showcased his team's achievement, which is a whole new solution that customized ChatGPT to NEXTLab's clients’ needs.I myself tried using ChatGPT once, but found it to be below expectations. Fair enough, because I guess all the buzz regarding ChatGPT had increased my expectations of it. Maybe I might need to brush up on my skills by finding the right prompts to use. Since using ChatGPT to help effectively at work can be more difficult than you think, I believe that when the new solution is complete, there would be many prospects seeking to use it.All the presentations were interesting, but the hardware development team’s presentation reminded me of game showcase events where the roadmap of future content is released to the public. Their roadmap of new hardware developing plans for NEXTLab's principal product, the STB Multimeter, was very concrete and well-organized. On top of this, the team also led us on a walkthrough regarding the history of the STB Multimeter's many hardware versions that had been created in the past, which was intriguing as many NEXTLabbers didn't know the history and background of its development.Since the Tech Summit began with one CEO, Changgeun Lee, it was fitting to end the event with another CEO, Sungmin Kim, and his presentation. As the head of the IMT department, which stands for ‘Intelligent Measurement and Testing,’ his perspective on the test automation industry's future was quite enlightening. His vision and business plans for QaaS(QA-as-a-Service) and MaaS(Measurement-as-a-Service) allowed many NEXTLabbers to get an idea of what they would work on during the second half of 2023.For 1 night and 2 days, NEXTLabbers strengthened their bond by eating together, sleeping together, and participating in many activities together. By replenishing their energy during the workshop, everyone will continue to work hard and develop amazing solutions for the test automation field. Even the heavens seemed to smile upon us, as the weather was just fantastic during the two days we spent at Hongcheon.I hope NEXTLabbers would go on more excursions like this, since it cheers everyone up and promotes a happier working atmosphere! 

NEXTLab Presents a Successful Case Study of Collaboration between Macro Image Technology

2023.5.25NEXTLab’s CTO, Youngsu Park, presented a successful collaboration case study between NEXTLab and ‘Macro Image Technology’ at the ‘2023 Broadcasting Equipment Enterprises’ Networking Day’. The event was held on Wednesday, May 17th, at COEX A Hall 2nd floor, during the 31st KOBA (Korea International Broadcasting, Media, Audio & Lighting Show) 2023 period, since most of the participating companies were already exhibiting at the show.  The organizer of the event was RAPA (Korea Radio Promotion Association), and the narrator, team manager Gangok Jeon, stated that the networking session was designed to foster partnership between Korean broadcasting equipment businesses and aid them in promoting their business overseas. 23 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) attended the event, all eager to collaborate and share knowledge on business strategies for different markets.RAPA started the event by introducing two of their major projects that support the broadcasting equipment SMEs. The first one is the ‘Innovation Voucher Support for Broadcasting Equipment Businesses’, where SMEs can apply for budget aid to spend in various business fields, such as technology certification, creating product prototypes, and marketing. The second project is the ‘Broadcasting Equipment ODA (Official Development Assistance) Project’, which provides broadcasting systems, technical training, and follow-up support for developing countries. It opens up opportunities for Korean companies in the broadcasting field to increase their brand awareness overseas.After RAPA introduced those projects that broadcasting equipment companies could leverage, there was a brief introduction session of businesses that attended the event. For 3 minutes, each company introduced their key products, interesting episodes while growing their businesses, and strategies that they employed to enter their target markets. Then came the presentation session, where 4 companies would share collaboration cases between broadcasting equipment firms and how they raised their competitiveness. NEXTLab was the first to go, and their CTO, Youngsu Park, started the presentation by briefly introducing the company. Then he explained how the two companies got to know each other and how they collaborated to their benefit.NEXTLab and Macro Image Technology met as exhibitors at the Korean pavilion at the NAB Show 2023, and after the show was over, explored ways to cooperate. Macro Image Technology produces semiconductors specialized in broadcasting and professional audio/visual equipments. As NEXTLab’s main solution is media quality test and monitoring, Macro Image Technology’s semiconductors fit right in and helped them reduce production costs and product size, leading to increased competitiveness of NEXTLab’s key product, the STB Multimeter.By improving their product, NEXTLab has a higher possibility of receiving purchase clearance at the executive level during the clients’ decision-making process. In B2B sales, one of the reasons that makes it difficult to acquire a new client is the long list of decision-makers that must unanimously approve to implement a new solution. NEXTLab put in a large amount of effort to enter the global market, such as exhibiting in IBC 2022 and NAB Show 2023, and running live demos in PoC (proof of concept) sessions in Europe. However, sometimes, after convincing the QA engineers or developers who will actually use the solution, their product was turned down due to opposition of the executives. Thanks to cooperation from Macro Image Technology, NEXTLab’s product will probably become more appealing, even to the executives!Macro Image Technology can also gain from collaborating with NEXTLab. Its brand awareness will be increased if NEXTLab sees greater results in the European market. Maybe in the next huge exhibition, both companies might cooperate and even display each other’s products at their booths!The 2023 Broadcasting Equipment Enterprises’ Networking Day was a precious chance to become familiar with various companies in the broadcasting equipment industry. Every company had an interesting background, and they were all searching for methods to increase their brand awareness and reach prospects globally. NEXTLab will continue to seek out partnership opportunities with diverse firms, and grow much more!

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